The Problem Is My Wife

A staged approach to the perpetrators of domestic violence.

Calle Overweg shows us, under laboratory conditions and employing genuine violence counsellors and (genuine) actors, men who are in the throes of an attempt to break free from the spiral of violence. The case histories portrayed in this film are freely devised as the result of lengthy research. Specialists in the field of domestic violence have gone to great lengths to ensure that the men depicted in every way resemble those in genuine cases. Any similarities to real persons are intentional. Surprising about the method of this film is the authenticity, to which the actors attain via improvisations on this theme. Their own experience of relationships seems to be enough to allow them to slip into the part of the wife-basher. Just as in real life, the perpetrator of domestic violence has more resemblance to the "normal man" than to our stereotype. He is neither antisocial, nor a lout, and he's not a tattooed yob. The problem of domestic violence is not a reserve of a marginal minority.

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