Blooma's A.M./P.M. Prenatal Yoga

TWO INSPIRED PRENATAL SEQUENCESSarah Longacre, birth doula and founder of Blooma Yoga, invites you into her personal prenatal yoga practice. Share in Sarah’s pregnancy with beautiful yoga that energizes you in the morning and restores your body at night.In the calm of the morning, the uplifting A.M. sequence energizes your body and helps you feel more connected to baby. At night, the gentle P.M. sequence soothes your spirit and restores your body in preparation for restful sleep.Even if you practice for just 5 minutes a few times a week, Sarah’s nurturing prenatal yoga sequences will encourage you to feel more in love with baby and more aware of your body’s natural ability.The Blooma A.M. and P.M. prenatal yoga sequences include poses and inspiration that you can weave into your birth. Child’s pose between contractions is so restorative. Lunges during early labor encourage optimal fetal positioning for baby. Every breath invites your body into deeper relaxation.Let your yoga practice prepare your body and heart for birth!

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