Walhalla - A Moment In Time

A story about four men and their love for a train

Walhalla, Victoria, is a town well known for it’s beautifully picturesque surroundings and rich gold mining history. So when its lesser-known heritage railway celebrated its 100th year anniversary, Michael Leaney, the Walhalla Goldfields Railway President saw it as an opportunity to boost tourism in the town.

As the historic train makes its passage through some of the most pristine scenery in the country, this story becomes more than the journey of one man to ensure a trains’ return home –it’s a universal love story of man and machine – romantic and evocative.

“Walhalla – A Moment in Time” is a slowly revealing portrait displaying the characters’ warmth and honesty, it is this that helps us to love them a little more than we expect, and care about a train a whole lot more than we would imagine.

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