The Gift, dir. Przemysław Kamiński

portrait, human interest, hypnosis, phenomenon, religion, Orthodox Church

The protagonist has a special gift: he is a hypnotist what makes his life a bit complicated sometimes. He uses the gift to make commercial hypno-shows but on the other hand he is looking for something deeper in his life. He wants people take him seriously not only as a “hypnotist” or the healer, but also as a sensitive man who is trying to find sense in his life. We see the character in different roles: as a showman (hypno-shows), healer (anti-smoking therapy), co-worker (relation with his fellow), son and brother (when meets family), religious man whose talent is not accepted by the Orthodox church and sensitive man who is trying to discover the path of his life. The film tells about very interesting phenomenon what the hypnosis is, but it’s not the point of view of the scientists but more the ordinary people. The director of the film is in the same time very experienced cinematographer, so the visual side is very special; the story of protagonist’s double life is partly located in Poland, partly in Ukraine.

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