Haredim - Gevald

Winner, Best TV Film, Religion Today Film Festival 2009As a child, Shmuel-Haim Pappenhym would cover his eyes during Independence Day fireworks so as not to participate in Zionist celebrations. Today, he organizes mass demonstrations against the State and is the editor of an influential magazine of the Jewish extreme sect known for not recognizing the State of Israel.In contrast, ultra-orthodox parliament member, Rabbi Avraham Ravitz, served in the Israeli Army, and has been involved in mainstream politics for many years. A map of the world hangs in the Ravitz kitchen for their 12 children and 80 grandchildren to readily indicate the precise location of Mozambique or Ottawa at any given time. Ravitz danced in the streets on Israel`s first Independence Day yet secular modern-day Israel makes him want to cry.As national election day approaches, Ravitz anxiously tallies his party`s projected parliament seats. Conversely, Pappenhym rallies in the number of voter abstentions. For Pappenhym, participation in Zionist elections is a grave sin. Pappenhym organizes demonstrations, where the announcer boldly declares “Zionists are not Jews,” to the audience`s overpowering response; “Gevald!” (Disaster!).Awards & FestivalsAwards: Winner, Best TV Film, Religion Today Film Festival 2009Festivals: Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2010 Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival 2010 Rutgers Jewish Film Festival 2009 Brazil Religion Film Festival 2009 Religion Today Film Festival, Italy 2009

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