Russian Dolls

Five years after their year together in Barcelona, the exuberant flatmates from Pot Luck / L auberge espagnole (2002) reunite for a Russian wedding. With their student days behind them, they are close to 30 and facing career and relationship issues, yet remain young at heart. Xavier has become a writer, but still seems a little lost. Besides the difficulties of making a living he has problems settling down with a girl, embarking on one meaningless romantic encounter after another. To put it bluntly, he s a little messed up. Dividing his time between his ex-girl friend (Audrey Tautou), his mother, his passing romantic encounters and his lesbian pal (Cécile de France), Xavier has a hard time getting his work done properly, which is to create a simple love story for a TV series. Help though is at hand in the form of his former English fl atmate played by Kelly Reilly who also writes. What starts as a professional collaboration turns into something else - and the loose ends begin to unspiral at the unlikely wedding of her brother (Kevin Bishop) to a Russian ballerina (Evguenya Obraztsova) in St Petersburg. It all turns into a lively friends reunion.Kelly Reilly, opposite heart-throb Romain Duris, has a chameleon quality. --The ObserverIrresitibly entertaining. --Empire

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