The People's Girls

Sexual harassment is a growing problem in the world, especially in Egypt. Through a series of interviews and social experiments, The People’s Girls takes a closer look at who is to blame, as well as how women are fighting back.

Sexual harassment has been a growing problem in Egypt over the last few years, especially in Cairo. UN Women reported that over 99% of Egyptian women have suffered from sexual harassment in their lifetime. Due to the extensive media coverage on the issue, the Egyptian government introduced anti-sexual harassment legislation, making it possible for harassers to face years in prison.

In September of 2014, filmmakers Colette Ghunim and Tinne Van Loon created a viral video, Creepers on the Bridge, showing the haunting stares of sexual harassers in Cairo’s streets. They now bring you The People’s Girls, a documentary film which through a series of interviews and social experiments takes a closer look at Egypt to see who is to blame for harassment and how women are fighting back. Because patriarchal societies often overlook women’s rights violations, this documentary serves as a catalyst for public debate not only in Egypt but internationally, as prominent cases of sexual harassment frequently occur on a global scale.

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