Permafrost Kingdom

Exploring the permanently frozen environment of the world's coldest inhabited region

YAKUTSK, SIBERIA – Winters can be as cold as minus 71 Celsius and summers over 50C are common.
Russia’s largest territory – the Siberian wilderness of Yakutia – is two million square miles of forested taiga, pristine tundra, mighty rivers, gold and diamond deposits stretching far into the Arctic Circle.
The hardy Yakut-speaking natives of the sparsely populated territory survive sub-zero temperatures for seven months of the year.
So where do you need to go to warm up in Yakutia, the remote area 3,500 miles east of Moscow in mid-winter?
….To Permafrost Kingdom, the world’s only cold storage museum….where it is a year round balmy minus 7 and home to Chiskhan, the thickly bearded, ice blue-robed Yakut Lord of the Cold.

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