The lesbian scene is in a world of trouble and this documentary presents a pathway resolving this

THE LESBIAN DIARIES is a documentary that exposes the reality of what it’s really like to be a lesbian – particularly a single, dating lesbian - in 2016. Although lesbians can now legally marry in many countries, a happy lesbian marriage isn’t easy to find! And although some entertainment and social media have made lesbianism seem fashionable, real lesbians often still struggle to create the lives they want. All too often, the lesbian “scene” seems filled with drugs, alcohol, cheating, drama, emotional and physical abuse. In addition, the lesbian community has been painfully divided over whether or not to include bisexual and transsexual women. Are lesbians doomed to loneliness, in-fighting and conflict – or is there a way out? An international, multi-racial group of experts and women on the street share their intimate stories, their pain and their wisdom in this groundbreaking full-length film, the first of its kind.

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