White Planet

“Pianeta bianco” represents the border between dream and reality

“Pianeta bianco” represents the border between dream and reality. It is a planet with a milky atmosphere, where the ground emanates light and on which the earth’s spatial-temporal rules, feelings and perceptions are altered. The planet is a wrinkled giant animating overflow, eating and disorienting the observer: it is not possible to recognize direction, size and distance. The protagonist of the story is a mineral researcher, heading towards his destination: a faraway light, which seems to be the only point of reference. A fragmented voice describes how a human feels when moving around without perceptual landmarks. The vision of the landscape is adult and doubtful about the trade-off of mankind dealing with nature. The gaze draws a gigantic and indifferent world, where the sun reflects on a rock and everything can swallow everything in an instant…

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