Ba Duan Jin

The Ba Duan Gin exercise is a Chinese Yoga Systemas well as your Holistic Health Maintenance Program.Evan Pantazi brings you this advanced version of the original exercise. He has taught this amazing methodin 20 Countries around the world, helping thousandsof people just like you to achieve new heights in personal wellness.“You are about to see and learn and ancient Chi Gongexercise developed in the 1300’s by a Chinese Field Marshall, Yue fey. Originally designed to prepare his troops for battle, relieving their anxieties and stress, while developing stamina, flexibility, coordination as well as clear focused minds. Although our modern battlefields have changed, the symptoms of stressand their crippling effects have not...This ancient exercise has withstood the test of time, still preparing the individual for their personalbattles and pursuits”. - Evan Pantazi

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