Resurrection of Serious Rogers

Serious is an assassin who wants to call it quits, but she realizes the only way to go straight is to kill everyone who stands in her way. With Trixie, a nanny, in tow Serious must find a way to elude the gauntlet of professional killers out to end her life. But when Agent Martin of the FBI agent pops up at their safe house it's Trixie who must jump into action. Weaving a tale of intrigue and suspense, Trixie recounts the events that led to her union with Serious Rogers: Serious' emotional breakdown; the mystery man who controls them like puppets; the vindictive assassin, Vanity; Hooper, the drug-addicted FBI agent; Senator Victoria Ritchey, the candidate for governor with a predatory fetish. Soon Agent Martin becomes wrapped up in Trixie's harrowing tale. Now Serious must rescue Trixie again, and this time she needs to know what Martin is truly after. Unfortunately, what she discovers may be lead to her and Trixie's ultimate execution.

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