"I moved to New York city to become an actress and tried to support myself waiting tables. I was a shitty waitress and after getting fired three times, I became a stripper. I watched other upper middle class, upscale female artists thrive in that world. It was the 90's and we took our cue from Madonna to 'Express' ourselves and exploit ourselves. Once I got over the hump of becoming a dancer, I had the kind of access and privy that is only made available to those inside the trade. By profiling four other dancers along with myself, I explored the inner workings of exotic dancing; the women who want to try it, those who enjoy it and those who are at the end of their rope. While they spoke about breast implants, empowerment, relationships and feminism, they all were deeply conflicted about their involvement in it. For many, it stripped them of their self worth. For some of them, it proved fatal."

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