Travels with My Brother

TRAVELS WITH MY BROTHER explores the relationship between Vas - a high-functioning autistic man – and his older sister Christine as they travel about their hometown of Toronto.Check website: travelswithmybrother.comShot in vivid high-definition film, combining live action video and 2-D cut-out animation, this extraordinary 16-minute documentary draws the audience into intimate conversations between brother and sister about love, family, art, desire and destiny. It shows an autistic experience with humour, honesty and authenticity.At the heart of the story is a sister's attempt to crack the enigma that is her brother as she forges a way for their shared future.Using stop-motion, computer animation, the documentary endows the audience with a unique lens to see and understand Vas' world.Sold out World Premiere at Toronto's Reel Asian International Film Festival on Friday Nov. 13th, 2009. National Screen Institute of Canada Directing Prize 2012 and Best Narrative World Arts Festival 2013.A film by: Christine Alexiou & June ChuaDOP/Editor: Peter G. ElliottAnimator: Evan TapperMusic: Bob WisemanWEBSITE: travelswithmybrother.comEMAIL: [email protected]

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