The Owls and Hooters

The OwlsTen years ago, The Screech was the hottest lesbian band on the scene. Now, the band reunite under circumstances that quickly spiral out of control.
Iris (Guinevere Turner) drinks too much and dreams of that big comeback. MJ (VS Brodie) is apparently her ex, but theyre still inseparable.

Former band-mate Lily (Lisa Gornick), and her partner Carol (Cheryl Dunye), are well past Lesbian Bed Death and just dont get on anymore. So naturally theyve decided to have a child.

At a secluded pool party, the women kick back and reflect on their wild pasts, and uncertain futures. Into this stumbles beautiful punk chick Cricket (Deak Evgenikos, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee), who is looking for trouble, and finds it when a booze-fuelled row results in her ending up dead on the pool deck! Despite their conflicts, The Screech still have a bond, somewhere between family and gang. They work together to hide the body, but a stranger calls in the shape of Skye, a butch lesbian with a gun and one helluva attitude!

Godard said all you need to make a movie was a girl and a gun. For these lesbian filmmakers and their movie, 'The Owls', all you need is an idea and some friends - but a girl and a gun will always come in handy! 'Hooters' explores lesbian culture and the trials and tribulations of making an independent feature film, with hilarious results!

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