Laura Heisler plays a woman trying to ease grief by getting pregnant in Heather de Michele's dramedy.

Jo (Laura Heisler) is having a bad year. She has major writer's block, a rather dire caffeine addiction and is deeply mourning the untimely death of her beautiful wife. To top it all off, her biological alarm clock is ringing off the wall. In an attempt to address the latter issue, Jo asks her late-partner's brother Jamie (Bryan Dechart) to be her sperm donor. Craziness ensues, in the form of a visit to the fertility clinic's psychologist (Annie Potts), and a love triangle with her two best friends (Raoul Bhaneja and Anna Fitzwater). As Good As You is a serious comedy about trying to grieve the right way, and maybe growing up a bit in the process.

"At its strongest, the movie dissects such pat notions as “closure” and “moving on” with wit and intelligence." Los Angeles Times

"Fitzwater as punk lesbian Lisa is captivating and I’d absolutely watch a movie just about Lisa"

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