Grow Up (长大)

Ye Chun Meng (Bai Bai He) is a talented medical intern who is hardworking and determined, even the so-called "demon mentor", Zhou Ming (Lu Yi) secretly acknowledges her effort. However, she feels inferior because of her poor family background as she came from a small town. Thus, there was once a time when surviving and staying in the hospital became her only life goal. During her internship, she was once sensitive to the superior background of Chen Xi (Jiang Shu Ying) and Bai Xiao Jing (Zhang Zi Xuan), she also wavered before when faced with a temptation that can reduce 10 years of hard work in the hospital and also hesitated before in front of the tough romance between her and her mentor, Zhou Ming. But in the end, under the guidance of Zhou Ming and through the process of curing her patients, Ye Chun Meng found herself and discovers the happiness and significance of being a doctor. She finally understands the true meaning of happiness.

仁华是江城最大的三甲医院,实习医生们受到了以周明为首的导师们“惨无人道”的考验和训练,末位淘汰制的阴影始终盘旋在他们心头,无处不在的激烈竞争时刻挑战着他们体力、智力和意志力,也考验着他们的友情、爱 情、和对从医理想的执着。实习医生叶春萌刻苦要强又颇具天分,连魔鬼导师周明都对她暗自器重,而她却长期被来自小城贫困家庭的自卑困扰,成功留院曾一度是她唯一的人生目标。为此,面对陈曦和白晓菁的优越身世她敏感过,面对能让她少奋斗十年的诱惑她动摇过,面对和导师周明间障碍重重的爱情她犹豫过。但最终还是在周明的感召下,在医治病患的实战中,她重新找到了自我,发现了从医的快乐与意义,也觉悟了幸福的真谛

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