Anarchija Žirmūnuose

Young provincial girl VILĖ comes to the big town with ambitions about high education. She tries to find a rented apartment for living and notices a hand-made sticker with anarchy symbols on it. Leaded by strange sticker Vilė meets boyish looking and always wearing a T-Shirt with anarchy symbol on it girl SANDRA. Mutual sympathy and… Vilė becomes Sandra’s tenant.

From her first days in the big town Vilė gets a perfect guide — always strong and optimistic Sandra. Easily splurged with anarchy notion big town’s girl tries to show to her new friend that there is a ways how to fight loneliness, indifference and cold — things that surrounded world of a big town.

Under Sandra’s anarchistic philosophy’s leadership Vilė leisurely throws away her provincial modesty and fears, but incidental meeting with member of big town’s punk community overturn all her new views. Vilė understands that Sandra’s “anarchy” has nothing to do with alternative underground culture or politics the more especially as Sandra suddenly shows perfect criminal skills. Shocked Vilė discovers herself at the ethical crossroad face to face with all her “thrown away” fears. She feels trapped. Now girl must to make a decision about what is “right” and what is “wrong”. With no matter what heart says or beats for… Vilė painfully realizes that her heart beats only for final showdown with Sandra countdown. Even it will turns into the horrible catastrophe.

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