Love Me Not 不能愛

A sweet and daring portrait of blurred sexuality and love complications, this independent feature tells the story of Dennis and Aggie, pals since primary school and roommates for five years. He works in a painting studio while she’s a photographer and aspiring filmmaker. Both are gay, but inseparable as friends. Matters become tense, however, when Dennis announces an arranged marriage and Aggie finds herself increasingly jealous. 由一段「吸引力法則」的理論開始,一個小學同學的身份,一次巧合,一間公寓,一起生活,一套電影,一輯婚紗照,到一場妒忌,一對同性戀男女譜出一段異性戀。這種愛究竟是極其複雜還是簡單得理所當然?真的不能…愛?這是一個關於鄭漢威和田麗娜的故事。

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