On The Shoulders Of Giants

On The Shoulders Of Giants is an independent, retro science fiction feature, directed by K D Barker and starring Sarah Wood, Warwick St John and Adam Lee. If you love Forbidden Planet then you will probably enjoy this film. During her maiden voyage Starship Andromeda is secretly reassigned to the rescue mission of Professor N'tron Zepethar. Fifteen years earlier Starship Leviathan (with Zepethar aboard and propelled by his first version of a wormhole drive), disappeared on its maiden voyage. The Andromeda's crew locates the crashed Leviathan on a desolate planet 50 million light years from Earth: Zepethar is the sole survivor. When the Andromeda's crew begin searching for answers to the Leviathan's demise it soon becomes apparent that Zepethar and the planet both harbour terrifying secrets...

Rent $2.99