The Wolves of Kromer

Not so long ago, in a land not very different from our own, there were two handsome young wolves. Seth and Gabriel lived together in the woods and, while they loved each other very much, no one else seemed to like them at all - because they were wolves.

In a big house close to the woods, two wicked maids and their evil cat hatched a plan for murder. Their mistress was to be the victim and the wolves would take the blame! Enraged, the vicar (who has a dark secret of his own) leads the villagers as they hunt down the wolves. And just who will live happily ever after?

"A creepy and clever wisp of a Roald Dahl-style fable," City Paper- Philadelphia

"strikingly original in concept- deliciously wicked sense of humour- a pleasingly diverting fairy tale, albeit one with a bite!"

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