If man could fly

When somebody hurts my doves, it’s like they’re hurting me,” says 13-year-old Matan, who has been living in a boarding school for the last five years. Instead of going to his room like the others kids when he comes back from school, he visits the animal compound, where his doves are waiting in their pigeonhouse. He basks in the calm of the animals, freeing them to fly until they come back to him at night. “When somebody has wings, he doesn’t need anything, not money, not even a car, he’s comfortable wherever he goes”, says 32-year-old Misha. He raises 300 pigeons, whose care he studied from his 80-year-old mentor. When Matan leaves the boarding school for his home, he meets Misha. The two form a special bond. They both want to fly like the pigeons: Matan wants to fly away when things get rough, Misha wants to see the world. The pigeons give them strength, support and some relief.

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