Doll In The Dark

My name is Mor,,,,And I don't think I like you....

Classification: 15 Doll In The Dark Starring Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham) Director: A.V Caldo “My Name is Mor…and I don’t think I like you….” Short Synopsis: Against the objections of a life-size doll, a delusional young girl falls for an alluring Goth (Robin Lord Taylor) in this unconventional psychological horror thriller. Doll in the Dark is a strange and gripping Christmas tale of grief, love, and the horrors of talking dolls… Quotes: “Disturbing and terrifying” TerrorWeekend “Strange and Gripping” GeoFilm “The Melancholy Fantastic is a film that provides its audience with not only a homage to Psycho, but a cinematic journey in which the story grips you and does not let go until the final moments and fades to black”. FilmFreakMafia Long Synopsis: Melanie Crow is a reclusive young girl who copes with the recent suicide of her mother by constructing a life-size muslin doll to keep her company. At first the doll, called Mor, appears to be a harmless novelty—an imaginary friend. But as Melanie’s grasp on reality slips away, she begins to project her mother’s voice onto the strange masked being and the delusional relationship turns into a disturbing co-dependence between her split-personas. As Melanie’s feelings for a handsome goth named Dukken (Robin Lord Taylor - Gotham) begin to emerge, Mor becomes jealous and suspicious and the relationship between the doll and Melanie starts down a disturbing and violent path.

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