You Belong To Me

In downtown New York, handsome young architect Jeffrey has just moved in to an apartment building where, unbeknownst to him, residents have been disappearing. Eccentric landlady Gladys (Patti D’Arbanville, Andy Warhol’s ‘Flesh’) takes a rather unhealthy liking to Jeffrey and soon begins to lavish him with affection, from cooking his dinner to insisting he have a copy of her keys. Before long, Jeffrey begins to notice some strange goings on in the building, until one night he hears a voice crying out for help through the rotten floorboards below. Sure enough, a horrified Jeffrey discovers the source of the groaning, and finds himself in a battle to escape the deranged Gladys and the building’s screw-loose handyman. A cat-and-mouse chase sees Jeffrey attempt to be free from their clutches, and by scaling walls to jumping out of windows, he eventually gets away. Waking up in hospital, Jeffrey is relieved that it is all over. But Gladys won’t let her mama’s boy off so lightly...A tense and ingenious story wrapped up in shades of ‘Misery’, ‘Single White Female’ and ‘Rear Window’, ‘You Belong to Me’ is a neighbour-from-hell nightmare!“A fascinating thriller” – LA City Beat

Rent £2.35