Mass E Bhat

Mass E Bhat is a portrait of a developing nation through the eyes of its children

'Mass E Bhat' is a feature length documentary produced by The Rainbow Collective with the support of Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation, Openvizor and CBA DFID (Worldview). Hard-hitting and unforgettable, Mass-e-Bhat explores the unseen impact of capitalism's invisible hand. Framed around the inspiring life of Nasir, a child labourer turned social worker from Bangladesh, Mass-e-Bhat presents a portrait of the developing world as experienced by it's children. Having worked under abysmal conditions in sweat shop garment factories at the age of 8, Nasir now rescues "working children" by enrolling them in school. Moving stories about the people who live in poverty to produce our clothes are presented alongside Nasir's quest to better his life, and the lives of other child labourers. Mass E Bhat was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Soundtrack at the East End Film Festival in London. It has also played at several film festivals across the world. The money made from the sales of Mass E Bhat will go towards future films training project's with children in Bangladesh. Our next youth project shall be with the waste pickers community in Dhaka. So please support our youth project's by renting or purchasing Mass E Bhat

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