Mrs. Jones

You Shall See The Truth


An unfaithful wife must make one sacrifice. What will she sacrifice for love? Will she sacrifice her husband, her lover, or her life?


This art-film explores the culture of marital infidelity in urban cities; and the harmony required in our racial, class, political and ideologically fragmented world of today.
''Mrs. Jones'' will propagate racial harmony amidst religious dogmata.

Popular religious dogma will be dissected. To some extent, racism is blatantly propagated through religion. The ''White colored Angel Michael & Black colored Devil'' postulation, is reviewed through a nonconformist prism.

Marital infidelity will be highlighted. Are humans monogamous, or polygamous by nature? Are humans compelled to practice monogamy due to the fact they we want to ''look normal''?

The subtext of this art-film will be the support of ''the uncanny.'' I intend to support the so called ‘’abominable acts’’- like interracial marriage & swing lifestyle- which is rebuked in many parts of our racially, religiously, and ideologically bigoted societies.

My aim is to make a film which can be described as an intellectual art-film, which inspired an intellectual debate.
I intend to use this art-film to highlight the ''unsayable''- to start a conversation. In my opinion, most humans are sanctimonious by nature.

Humans love to hate abominable act in public, but they love to do abomination in secret places. Some of that so called abominable acts will be laid bare in ''Mrs.Jones.''
Spectators will be taken for an emotional ride. They will experience an extreme visceral reaction. I want to titillate their dark side. Hopefully, the art-film ‘’Mrs. Jones’’ will enable spectators to experience an unexcelled catharsis & epiphany which Hollywood commercial-films will not provide for them.

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