Totally F***ed Up

From cinema’s maestro of indie queer pop cinema, welcome to Gregg Araki’s messed-up world, a concrete jungle teeming with teenage lust, abundant drugs and all-out infidelity. Before Kaboom, and Mysterious Skin there was TOTALLY F***ED UP.
A film for anyone who has grown up gay and lived through the pain of alienation, this self-consciously cool story of the gay teen underground is New Queer Cinema at its edgiest – a humorous yet moving study of an unwanted generation.
Starring James Duval (Donnie Darko), and featuring music from Wolfgang Press, Ministry, Ride, Pale Saints and The Jesus and Mary Chain.
"A candid, knowing, often funny look at gay-teen hell" - The Advocate
"Subtelty is something of which Gregg Araki will never be accused" - Vanity Fair
"Punker than John Waters, but still in his debt, compromise isn't on Araki's agenda" - Little White Lies

Rent £3.49