A Different Life, a film by Shahaf Peled

Alternative life in the jungle of Costa Rica

A Different Life is the debut feature documentary by Israeli director Shahaf Peled. Following three women through their deliberate personal transformational journeys, the film is a fresh breeze from hectic modern-day routine, with touching cinematography and music. Poetically told, the story offers a different perspective on life and how we choose to live. SYNOPSIS Featuring original cinematography of the North-Pacific tropical forest of Costa Rica, A Different Life is an intimate journey into the alternative village of PachaMama. Connecting transformative powers of ancient Indian rituals, contemporary lifestyle choices, Asian meditative ways and emotional workshops, the film tells a story of Rebirth. Three women expose their personal stories, discarding old habits and conditionings, to choose a new path to affirm life and freedom. During the two years living in the energy field of the alternative community, deep intimate stories are weaved together delving into a different way of living, accompanied by an eclectic score of music from around the world.

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