APOCALYPSE (according to Doris)

DORIS takes a spiritually subversive look at channeling, prophesy, and the recent obsession with 2012, warning of the dangers of predicting the end-of-the-world.As described by Sydney Levine of IndieWIRE.com, APOCALYPSE (according to Doris) is “Both funny and emotional, (dealing) with the paranormal and conscious awakening, challenging us about who we are, how we act, and the meaning of existence.”In this story about an unknown housewife living on the edge of the desert, Doris Stiles involuntarily channels predictions of earthquakes supposedly to bring about the end of the world - and becomes an overnight media sensation. She opens her door to true-believers and nut-cases alike, turning her dysfunctional family inside out for the whole world to see - including an unscrupulous reporter who infiltrates her group and has the tragic secret of his life exposed by this gifted woman.Understanding channeling and other involuntary psychic experiences is what Doris struggles hard to integrate into her life as she walks a virtual tightrope of paranormal experiences in a difficult family situation surrounded by an environment of national and political chaos. This narrative shares her experiences with viewers by celebrating the awakening and evolving human consciousness we now seem to be experiencing worldwide.So what is this business of channeling? Where do channels get their information from, and what does it mean to those of us who don't understand? Should we expect this "new way of knowing" to provide solutions for real-world problems? Or does this point to new powers revealing themselves within all humanity?Viewers simply see Doris as the ordinary woman she is, not branded with the stigmatizing label of "psychic." She is a sensitive and thoughtful woman with everyday problems, struggling and stumbling with conflicted gifts of paranormal perception. This complication ultimately guides her life through crisis to a turning point where she must break free from routine and her past to become the butterfly she imagines herself to be, unfettered by criticism and negativity.This metaphysical drama might ask us to sort through the Neptunian ambiguousness of the new-age world to seek the actual, authentic, higher nature of ourselves - and to discriminate between that which is our true identity and that which is the comfortable clothing of a familiar delusion.Channeling is becoming familiar around the world now, and the rational mind reels at this unlikely appearance on the world stage. Common sense melts into chaos trying to consider what this phenomena might be - if it is phenomena at all.Join Doris in this newly emerging film genre “Apocalyptic Comedy” along with Focus Features SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD and Oscilloscope’s IT’S A DISASTER finding laughs, tears, and a whole lot of fun waiting for the world to end on December 21, 2012!You won't be disappointed because the spectacular performance by veteran TV actress Elise Robertson (Grey's Anatomy, Six Feet Under, Two & a Half Men) is worth the price of admission alone.

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