Tick Tock Lullaby

Cartoonist Sasha and lawyer Maya are thirty-something north Londoners on the hunt for potential sperm donors. They, and the friends and family around them, all seem to be having similar problems in the bedroom, but in true British style they just can't seem to get them out in the open. A single woman who wants to make a baby with a feisty university lad, a bickering couple whose procreative shagging hits a psychological snag, many common problems emanating from the bedroom are addressed in this smart, quirky comedy.In 2002, Lisa Gornick had written, produced, directed and acted in the first British lesbian film in ten years, the acclaimed ‘Do I Love You?’ Now, she has served up another romantic comedy with a twist that will have Londoners and thirty-somethings breathing a sigh of collective relief that they are not alone in their confusion over whether to settle down and start a family, or keep searching for that unattainable ‘ideal’.

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