Handsome Drake is the sexy and charismatic stranger who infiltrates a group of successful, thirty-something gay men in New York City. Devious and flirtatious, he spices up the lives of this tight knit circle of friends, but soon creates unexpected drama. Drake has a bitter past filled with hurt and betrayal, unable to commit and intent on splitting lovers apart for sport. Sure enough, he proceeds to manipulate, seduce and separate these friends to prove that no one deserves happiness. Will the group prove that love and friendship can prevail against all odds?

The complexity of gay relationships is given a heady spin in a funny ensemble film that explores infidelity, commitment, friendship, getting older and getting your own back.

From director Richard Le May (200 American) and writer Jason Brown (Tender Places), the film's cast includes Broadway stage actors Brad Anderson (A Chorus Line), Mark Ford (Rent) and Bryan West (Hairspray). Whirlwind is an edgy, sexy relationships drama that proves no matter how enticing the bait, some objects of desire should be left well alone!

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