Reindeer Spotting - Escape From Santaland

Jani, 19, has lived his entire life in Rovaniemi, Finland. For the last five years he's done nothing but drugs. If you can smoke, swallow or shoot it up, he's done it. His group of friends live within the society, yet isolated from it. All they know and care about is crime, getting high and messing around. Living in a small town is getting to Jani, but he hasn't been able to leave, not even for a holiday.He's certain he can kick the habit as soon as gets away from Rovaniemi. If only he could make a break for it, get to Europe, someplace bigger. And wouldn't you know it – Jani manages to steal a wad of cash and the journey begins. Stockholm makes his head spin around, as the railway station alone is bigger than all of Rovaniemi. It's the farthest he's ever been from home. Jani finds a brand new lust for life and starts thinking about the past five years. Reaching the Mediterranean Sea, he takes his needle and breaks it in half on the coast of Sicily. But what happens then? Is it truly possible to change your way of life just like that?Reindeerspotting is a documentary feature from within the junkie community.The director has been documenting the life of his friends, where crime and intravenous drugs are an everyday occurrence.

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