Shanghai Quest

Observational documentary of the experiences of three young foreign entrepreneurs who come to Shanghai, China

The American Dream stood on its head, 'Shanghai Quest' follows the aspirations of three individuals; Tom, an English entrepreneur, Benji, a Mormon from Utah who sings Canto-pop and Casey, a nightclub and rave-party organiser from LA as they bump and grind their way to the top in Shanghai. The Paris of the Orient in the 20s and 30s, Shanghai is now the New York of the Far East. These three Westerners abandon their respective lands of opportunity to try and 'make it' in China. The film provides us with an open view of contemporary urban China and the astonishing rate with which the city has undergone a 'lifestyle revolution' since the economic reforms of 1992. 'Shanghai Quest' takes a look at the transformed modern Chinese economy from the inside, through the unique love-hate relationship of three outsiders with this scintillating city. If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere...

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