Land Grabbing

Farmland is becoming more and more valuable and scarcer. Every year we lose about 12 billion hectares of farmland through soil sealing. After the financial meltdown in 2008 the global financial capital discovered the business segment of global farmland. Through land grabbing the rich of the world want to secure access to the world’s most important resources. Consequently, instead of farmers, profit is put before soil. If we don’t stop the raids, we will destroy our livelihood. LAND GRABBING portrays both investors and their victims. Their self-image could not be more different. They speak of healthy economics, of safeguarding food supply and of prosperity for all. The others tell about eviction, enslavement and the loss of their economic base. LAND GRABBING narrates the consequences in big pictures. Soils have been levelled on a grand scale for GPS-controlled machines, the consumption of water, chemicals and energy is enormous in the agricultural industry. For each energy unit used in industrial farming, only three energy units can be harvested, with smallholder agriculture it is seven times the amount – 23 energy units. LAND GRABBING shows the dimensions. An area half the size of Europe has already been snapped up, farmers and indigenous peoples have had to yield. Instead of growing food for the region, the farmland is used for large-scale production for the markets of prosperous countries. LAND GRABBING tells us what this has to do with us. It is the EU programs which lead to mega plantations for green fuel and sugar production. And it is with development aid money from Austria the superrich hedge their investments. LAND GRABBING causes a stir, gives food for thought and inspires direct action. Resistance against “land-grabbing” is getting stronger and louder. A film by Kurt Langbein Script: Christian Brüser, Kurt Langbein | Director: Kurt Langbein | DOP: Wolfgang Thaler, Attila Boa, Udo Maurer | Sound: Armin Koch | Assistant cameraman: Alois Kozar | Editing: Andrea Wagner | Producer: Kurt Langbein | Production Manager: Claudia Rabl A production of Langbein & Partner Media in collaboration with ORF (Film Television Agreement), sponsored by the Austrian film institute The Age of Aluminium Alu_HP_groß Documentary Austria, Germany 2013 Aluminium is a fascinating metal: light, stainless and easy to process. 100 years ago, it was still so exotic that aluminium was presented at world expositions. The metal is an essential part of our daily lives. We drink from aluminum cans, use aluminum-containing deodorants and sun creams, and it increases the effectiveness of vaccines. >> Crossing Borders – narrated by Robert Menasse Documentary | Austria 2012 Together with the dedicated Austrian writer Robert Menasse we seek the inner and outer borders of his country in the heart of Europe. The film accompanies the writer on his quest for a European culture into a new, never known boundlessness, as well as for new borders. “Crossing Borders” illustrates the limitations in minds and in landscapes as well as in culture and politics. >> Elvis and the Girl from Vienna Documentary USA/Austria, 2017 >> Me, the Farmer TV Documentary Austria 2016 >> Ailing Modernity – On Restoring Contemporary Art TV-Documentary, Austria, 2016 >> Athos – A Taste Of Heaven Documentary Austria, Germany, Greece, 2016 >> Mercy – A Modern Fairy Tale TV Documentary Austria 2016 >> How real is reality? Documentary Austria, 2016 >> Show All more movies in production >> Growing Old Unburdened TV-Documentary, Austria, 2015 >> Beat of Life – Our Inner Clocks TV-Documentary, Austria, 2015 >> My Europe – A Village TV-Documentary Austria 2015 >> The fat-trap – A life Without Palm Oil TV-Documentary Austria 2014 >> Land Grabbing Cinema Documentary Austria, 2014 >> Hubert von Goisern – Still burning Documentary Austria-Germany, 2015 >> The working poor TV Documentary, Austria 2015 >> Can you hear it – Hubert von goisern goes Country TV-Documentary Austria 2014 >> Mister Schuh and Power Filmessay Austria 2014 Austria 2014 >> The Valley Documentary, Austria >> Old Friends New Enemies: What Makes Our Children Chronically Sick? TV Documentary, Austria 2014 >> Healing Beyond Traditional Medicine

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