In March 2007 French photographer, street artist JR and his friend Marco embarked on the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever. Enormous portraits were pasted on both sides of the Wall of Separation, as well as in eight Palestinian and Israeli cities. The portraits were shot by JR and depicted laughing Israeli and Palestinians who hold the same job on different sides of the Wall of Separation. By pasting them side to side, 'Face 2 Face', on the notorious Wall of Separation, JR urged both Israelis and Palestinians to fight the stereotypes of 'the other' through the faces. The documentary Faces tells the fascinating story behind the Face 2 Face project. From the first photo shoots to the eventual pasting in such hotbeds like Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Hebron and Ramallah: the camera was there, capturing JR's work, the pasting, but also the emotional reactions of the people of Israel and Palestine. The pasting of the portraits is but one aspect of the movie. The enormous posters of smiling Israeli and Palestinians form the starting-point of a trip and a reflection led by normal everyday people from the region, as well as by those who think and shape reality in this part of the world.

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