Displaced: The Bad Boys of Exodus

On 11 July 1947, the EXODUS 1947, a worn out boat sold as scrap, sailed from a little port in the South of France with 4,515 `Displaced Jewish Refugees` on board including 655 children. A few days later outside of territorial waters, attempting to set an example, the British decided to ram the ship as it was approaching the coast of Palestine, and amid worldwide public outrage, all the refugees were sent back to the camps in Germany where they had been parked since the end of World War II.60 years after the fact, two award-winning Israeli filmmakers have decided to revisit the tragic odyssey of the EXODUS 1947 through the eyes and recollections of Ike Ahranovitch, the captain of the boat who at 84 looks like a character out of `Prizzi`s Honor,` and Mordechai Rosman, the leader of the refugees, who lives alone, penniless, in an half-abandoned kibbutz.

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