Alfred & Jakobine

The 48,000 mile story of a man, a woman and an old London taxi

Alfred & Jakobine is a documentary love story. In the Spring of 1955 merchant seaman, Alfred Hobbs meets young artist Jakobine Schou in Yokohama, Japan. Eager to leave Japan, but with no money for travel, Alfred stows here away on his ship. They fall in love, get married, and for the next four years, travel the world in a 1930's London taxi cab experiencing adventures and misadventures at every turn. When it's all over, Alfred suddenly leaves Jakobine, breaking her heart, never to return. 50 years later, Alfred sells everything he owns to fix the old taxi. His goal? To find Jakobine, and offer her one more ride in their taxi, before it's too late.

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