Breaking out (突围突围)

1934, Lei Wulong who participated in the Xiang River Battle build a special team they go back to the east side of the river and aid Zhang Yuelin, the company commander of the Red 8th Army. In the meantime, the enemy is ordered to get Chen Junyan back. After days of hard fight, special team successfully save Chen Junyan from the enemy. 简介:1934年底,在异常惨烈的湘江战役后,红军某部连长雷五龙受命带队重返江东,接应红八军团某部连长张月林,并助其将重要俘虏陈俊岩从敌战区押送至已达黔东南的中央红军。与此同时,负责护送陈俊岩之敌酋肖少白也被责成限期将陈俊岩追回,一场关乎小队命运的“俘虏争夺战”在敌后打响.

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