The Legendary Sniper (二炮手)

Zhang San is left an orphan at an early age and joins the gangster group led by Xie Laozao. In a mop-up operation, Xie Laozao is killed by a Japanese sniper, and the atrocity of the Japanese troops causes Zhang San to join the Eighth Route Army. There, he meets Commissar Qi Zhiwu, who saves his life for many times, and Coy Commander Zhao Cheng, who sacrifices himself to cover him in a battle. Zhang San eventually becomes a good soldier with exceptional marksmanship and flexible tactics. 该剧讲述了山民贼九在整个部落被日军射杀之后,做为唯一的幸存者凭借自己的射击天赋与日军专业狙击手展开殊死较量,并在加入八路军之后从只为报私仇成长为保家卫国的真正的革命战士的故事.

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